Monday, June 6, 2011

Baba Ramdev: Unfortunate event for India

For so many years Baba Ram Dev ji had been barking on beneficial effect of yoga on every type of disease. Surprising to the scientific community and also to the Nobel claim of curing AIDS and cancer with his Ayurvedic medicine along with Yoga. Billions of dollar are poured in research to find out vaccine or drug which can completely cure HIV, cancer, H1N1 infection could be saved if world accept his claims. But Baba Ramdev think that India is world and whole human kind is similar to people of India. Lakhs of people doing to his Vaidya Shalas (Pharmacies) and getting ayurvedic medicine for their illnesses and majority get side-effects of these medicines instead of getting benefits. I have witness many of such cases where they have gone to Haredwar to the Ramdev’s Vaidya Shala and spent couple of thousand rupees and time but ultimately saved through modern medical intervention. According to Drug and Magic Remedies Act, such person who makes claims publically about the drug beneficial affect particularly in diseases like HIV and Cancer should be punished. This Act is clearly violated by most of alternative medicine practitioners.

On 3rd he demonstrated another angle of his personality, which is more of social and political activist. It is important to raise some of critical issues of civil society but through yoga removing corruption, black money, and demanding change the language of medical science curriculum into Hindi, etc. appeared to be insane statements. I have heard many a time in various news channels where he claimed that he is not afraid of anybody and would be happy to scarify life if situation arise. According to government he made a deal by signing on paper to end up his dharna (Anshan) if his demands are met on next day which he refused to divulge to the public throughout the day. However, on 4th Night when police intervene in his dharna (Anshan) then he ran away to escape arrest and crying in front of media regarding apathy of police. These all characteristics of Baba Ramdev is confusing to rationality and humanity. Many issues can be raised here regarding recent development in India. People want some change in socio-political situation for better life. In absence of scientific movement other forces such as Tantra, magic, religio-political and muscle powers are emerging and in the vacuum of rational and human values they can be dangerous.

On one side half of the children and women are suffering from malnutrition, and on other side few people are building empire of more than many million dollar. On one side a particular caste people carrying the other’s night soil on their heads and on other side some Indian people celebrate their birthdays in Switzerland. The most unfortunate to this country is well educated mass who are cornering very resource for their self benefit. They are happy to be labeled as blind for their faith and belief and proudly claiming to be Indian till their selfish motive fulfilled. I feel how person like Baba Ramdev ji, Satya Sai Baba, and Mata Amritanadamay , devi mata, and couple of babas regularly appearing on TV channels for the sermons. Many a time I am also listening to them on TV and frankly speaking I found nothing special or concrete solution to the human problem. No doubt many of them are good orators. But none of them worth to spent time and money to listen. If people want to spent time then it would be beneficial to hear the discourse on smoking, diet, healthy habits, human relationship, discovery and national geography channels. It is also beneficial to sit with family members, enjoy their company, eating food together, laughing, chatting, and sitting in silence. It is thrilling experience to listen music in silence. One can enjoy cooking, cleaning house, and just walking. The most beneficial to the society to decrease craving for material thinks and increase satisfaction in less possessions. Desiring for longer years of life with lot of material possession is not going to give peace and happiness whether claimed by Baba Ramdev or Osho Rajneesh or any other guru. Longer life is achieved by scientific development and more and more scientific fulfillment would lead to rational, logical, safer and human world.

Dr. Jugal Kishore

Director, Institute of Science and Human Value (India Chapter)

Fraud in Medical Entrance in India: Rich vs Poor

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has busted an admission racket at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) a premier medical institute of the country where answersheets for the postgraduate entrance test were being manipulated to favor some of the candidates. CBI raid on ten places in New Delhi and nearby areas. Person involved were including person running a coaching institution and AIIMS officials.

This news indicates that there must be many students got admissions in previous years in this premier medical institution who do not deserved but getting admission only because they can pay money to manipulate. This indicates high level corruption. This also indicates that merit does not have any value in India. Money can buy everything. Now we have more medical colleges run by private bodies than government in India. All of them provide admissions to students who can pay their capitation fee which is very huge and deserving poor students can not think of getting admission in such colleges.
This has been further certified by one of the senior professor who is regularly going to take part in counseling for PG conducted by Central Government.