Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interactive session on Age Friendly health services in Safdarjung Encl Delhi

A community program was organized by Mera Swasth Physician Consortium in Safdarjung Enclave for senior citizen where many stakeholders participated to pledge for providing age friendly primary care health services. Dr. Gupta, Mr. Gupta President of the RWA, SHO of the area, Me and Dr. GS Grewal are seen in the picture.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Abortion  comes from Latin, abortio means to miscarry; in English, it is "result of an action. It is the condition of arrested development of structure, organism such that development or prematurely terminated. Abortion  is separation of products of conception from the uterus prior to the potential for fetal survival outside the uterus. Gestationally, the point at which potential fetal viability exists has been the subject of much legal and scientific debate and definitions vary with locale and/or medical center; a potentially viable fetus has been fixed administratively at 28 weeks or in some countries including India 20 weeks, when the fetus weighs approximately 1000 gm (or 500 gm in some countries). Source: Dambro MR, Griffith JA, ed. Griffith’s 5 minute clinical consult. Baltimore, Maryland: Williams & Wilkins 1996. Kishore J. A Dictionary of Public Health. New Delhi: Century Publications 2013.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dr. S Kar, Fulbright Nehru Distinguish Chair Lecture

A lecture delivered on The Topic "Global Public Health: Indian Contributions and Prospects" by Dr. S Kar Professor Emeritus Public Health and Asian American Studies,  Founding Director of the Executive MPH program, Fielding School of  Public Health, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Chair in India. Lecture was organized by Dr. Jugal Kishore on behalf of Full Bright J Nehru Scholarship and MAMC, New Delhi on 9th Jan 2015 


Aberration is described as departures from a usual distribution (Stroup 1994). It should be differentiated from an outbreak because it denotes changes in the occurrence of health events that are statistically significant compared with usual history, however, an outbreak or epidemic may be present in the absence of a statistical increase. Aberration (Latin, aberratio; English, tion = result of an action) is any body, form (shape) or structure that deviates from the normal or typical condition. The term is often applied subjectively in a negative context. Source: A Dictionary of Public Health 3rd Edition 2013.

Although it is deviation or departure from the normal or usual and appeared to be abnormal but this is definitely important for innovation, understanding of variation, diversity, and uniqueness. Aberration is commonly applied in genomics but such aberration produce new characteristics and new being. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

ABC analysis

ABC analysis is a technique of inventory control in which the basic criteria is cost of the items. It is stated that a small number of items consume a big chunk of resources and vice versa. Around 10% of the drugs/store materials would cost 70% of the resources (called Group A), 20% of the drugs/store materials generally consume 20% of the resources (called Group B) and remaining 70% of the drugs/store material/items would consume just 10% of the resources (called Group C). It should be differentiated with VED analysis. Source: A Dictionary of Public Health 2013 3rd Edition.