Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to make India Healthy: Narrowing of streets and expending illegal colonies

Highways and express roads are becoming wider and wider but streets and gallis in each village and colonies are becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore people are interested to move out and their cars to feel the wideness of road and open space. Public space outside one's house is considered one's property and he feel proud to block it or extend the pavement of his/her house to narrow it down. Neighbors will not object or complaint because this help them to capture the space in front of their houses. This greedy nature of humans is promoted by corrupt municipal and police officers. When someone come forward to object such public land capturing then this further help the officers to get more money from the grabber and nothing concrete action against the culprit. Streets are so much narrow in villages that no fire extinguisher can reach to interior of village if any fire broke. Similarly no ambulance can reach to the house if any emergency happened. People are dying due to their own greed and system is helping them to suffer. Who is going to stop this illegal activities. Illegal Colonies are approved for votes without improving basic civic structure of the colony. First municipal, police and other authorities will ignore them deliberately when poor people are settling at public place and then they keep threatening and stopping people for any construction or letting them to improve their housing conditions. For money and votes everything is allowed in the end. System is meant for politicians and officers to exploit the poor.