Friday, September 17, 2010

response to the Article "Its an emergency" of Lalita Panicker

The Hindustan Times
Dear Editor
I read the Lalita Panicker's article titled "Its an emergency" with great interest. It is serious concern for every sensible person in the country and also in the world. It am delighted to find stylish jargon of emotional words used in the article with little content and facts and figures. On one side government is not ready to give free to poor of the country grains instead allowing them to rotten in their stores. On other side whole opposition, media and sensible people of the country are kept quiet for all corruptions, mishandling and mismanaging of public fund, escalating prices of essential commodities. One can blame the health sector for all deaths and diseases happening in the country but to just inform our dear colleague and friends that health of a person is also depended on food, shelter, water, power, transport, etc. Government can not made the food free but can make the health free whereas women and children of this country dying more from malnutrition than other diseases. It is also not true that women and child health was not the top priority of government for such a long time. It is also not true that we are lack of facts and figures but it depends on presenter and listners. It is painful to say that most of the policies and high profile meetings on health are attended by people who have never gone through public health of the country so it is quite possible for them to react in such a manner. Whole print and audiovisual media can also be blamed for this as they are also not more than 2% of space and time spending on health issues similar to the government budget. Issue of commonwealth game is rightly highlighted where health of women and children are neglected by the Contractors and contracting agencies. Government and contracting agencies have violated the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules 1971: Construction and Maintenance of Creches. Similarly what government and highest courts of the country have done to those private giant hospitals who didn't fufil social responsibility of serving 15-20% of the poor. So in conclusion I can say that it is easy to blame others without finding faults in selt. It is also interesting to accept useless suggestions of foreigners in five star hotel and not hearing the prophecy and hard work of your own people

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