Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Violation of Drug and Magic Remedies Act India

Country is trapped in false beliefs and religion. Unfortunately not many people with high degrees coming forward to stop this menace. Today news is that Uncle burns two small boys (3 years and 18 months old) in Ghaziabad to rid them of demonic presence. On sunday, the family had organized a hawan at their house after suggestion of a Pundit to rid of demonic effect leading to recurrent illness among family members. The small children were forced to get the cleansing effect of sacred fire of hawan when both burnt. Interesting thing is that instead of rushing to hospitals the family members immediately too the children to Kalkaji Temple in Delhi bypassing almost 4-5 big hospitals believing that only goddess Kali could save them but that didn't work. After that they rushed the kids to a sufi saint's mosque in Deoband near Saharanpur. But before reaching to that destination children died in the way. Although later on three people wee arrested including Pundit. Such incidences are common features of newspaper in India. (Source Mail Today 25th Jan 2011)

We have legislation "The Drugs and magic Remedies Act 1955" which prohibit such practices carried out by Pundits, Ojhas, Maulvis, faith-healers, and hundred thousands of quacks who has magic remedies for almost all illnesses and advertised on prime TV channels and leading newspapers. All are violating this legislation and liable for punishment. Magic remedies includes a talisman, mantra, kavacha, and any other charm of any kind which is alleged to possess miraculous powers for or in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation treatment or prevention of any disease in human beings or animals or for affecting or influencing in any way the structure or any organic function of the human or animal body. Advertisement of such remedies is banned and contravention of any provision of this Act shall be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to 6 months or 1 year in second or subsequent violation, or with fine or with both.

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