Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Concern, Expectation and Satisfaction of Medical tourists in New Delhi, India

Delhi the capital of India, has largest number of hospitals providing medical services to the neighboring states and abroad. On one hand it generates revenue to government and on the the other hand big profit to private hospitals. This demands constant improvement of quality of care to remain competitive with other medical tourism destinations. Assessment of concerns, expectation and satisfaction level of medical tourists about their medical treatment is an important issue, although subjective, but one of the important methods to improve the quality of medical services. There is evidence which suggests that care, which is less than satisfactory to the patients, is also less effective and may reflect a failure to answer patients’ needs, their expectations, or acceptable standard of service. From this study it is concluded that medical tourists were found to be satisfied with services provided in tertiary care hospitals of Delhi. Yet to address their overall concerns and issues, health sector needs to take some steps such as developing/strengthening facilities for follow up, in each country from where medical tourists were coming.
Indu Grewal, JK Das, Jugal Kishore. Concern, Expectation and Satisfaction of medical tourists attending tertiary care hospitals in New Delhi, India. JIMSA July-Sept 2012; 25 (3): 151-154.

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