Friday, March 6, 2015


Abortion  comes from Latin, abortio means to miscarry; in English, it is "result of an action. It is the condition of arrested development of structure, organism such that development or prematurely terminated. Abortion  is separation of products of conception from the uterus prior to the potential for fetal survival outside the uterus. Gestationally, the point at which potential fetal viability exists has been the subject of much legal and scientific debate and definitions vary with locale and/or medical center; a potentially viable fetus has been fixed administratively at 28 weeks or in some countries including India 20 weeks, when the fetus weighs approximately 1000 gm (or 500 gm in some countries). Source: Dambro MR, Griffith JA, ed. Griffith’s 5 minute clinical consult. Baltimore, Maryland: Williams & Wilkins 1996. Kishore J. A Dictionary of Public Health. New Delhi: Century Publications 2013.  

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