Thursday, January 24, 2013

Climatic Change challenges the sustainable health and development

Climatic change occurring today tends to be responsible for global warming, thus affecting the human health. Such situations are affecting the health epidemiology. New diseases are emerging and known diseases are re-emerging in areas where it was not so common, earlier. This demands huge resources to sustain the health indicators. The challenge is unpredictability of disease occurrence and emergence of new risk factors to public health.Focus should be on reduction of consuming resources. More environment friendly technologies need to be developed by all sectors of development and public health specialists should be ready with their wisdom, dedication and tools to control any epidemic and prevent suffering and deaths caused by climatic change.

Authors: Jugal Kishore, Nishu Chaudhry. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits.

Impact of Climate Change on Habitat and Health 2012; Special Issue: 7-10.

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