Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to make India healthy: Giving up greed

I had discussion with a cook in a government hospital who is working for last 25 years. He hesitantly elaborated that everyday almost all workers of the kitchen take away eatables to their home such as milk, oil, sugar, butter, eggs, vegetables, etc. I was shocked to learn on the first minute and then realize that this is rampant throughout the country starting from Politicians to sweepers. This is based on the greed. Government resources are diverted to those places where they are already plenty and resource poor places remain poor just because of greed. Office stationary, cars, petrol, powers etc are used for home works. Funding agencies are promoting corruptions by asking 10% to 30% of cut. Not everybody is corrupt and many Robin Hoods are present in the society. But why there is need of such system where we do something which we do not justify and rationalize. Kitchen is vital component of a hospital. If this function well then suffering poor can get good and nutritious food. This can help them to understand the importance of healthy and balanced food.             

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